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Our Free Will offering is for a limited time so don't procrastinate! 

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To A "Real" Offer!

     You may have been sent or handed an invitation by an FSI advisor. Or, perhaps you just happened to have landed on our FREE Arizona Last Will & Testament website. Regardless, the offer is REAL and the finished document is prepared by a professional Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP).   

Fog a Mirror and Your Qualified!     Yes, just fogging a mirror is the only requirement you MUST meet!  (You have to be breathing!) But, there is just one little caveat we know you will understand:

  THIS OFFER IS FOR NON - CLIENTS ONLY!  (of our firm -- Financial Strategies, Inc.)  But, if you are are a current client of FSI in your first year, THIS OFFER  APPLIES TO YOU TOO! 

     Before we professionally prepare your legal document (or documents if you order more than just the free Last Will), you will need to provide your Arizona address as your "home" address on our company provided data worksheet.

Important: You can download or print the data worksheet as soon as you register

     This is MORE than just giving you a standard "sample" draft to do on your own or saying it is "free" when it really isn't. This is a REAL custom Last Will & Testament document professionally prepared and delivered to you by e-mail* ready to print and sign.  In case something happens to you, doing a little estate planning now will help protect those that you care about most.  Creating an estate without a plan is like cashing your paycheck and leaving the proceeds on your doorstep! 

* In certain cases, we print, bind and mail, or deliver to you.  Additional details are contained on the other side of this website after registration.

Why not put money back in YOUR pocket?Value if Used: It is the same as putting 90 bucks into your pocket versus paying someone else to do this important legal document work!  With a strange economy like ours... here's a way to get ahead!

Are We Crazy?

We're not Crazy, just excited to see ya!     Short answer -- NO!   This offer is part of our advertising budget to gain new clients, so we are not crazy. We're just aggressively seeking new clients even if we have to work "pro-bono" to get them!  There is no obligation to do business with us in other financial areas we practice in (but keep in mind -- we are a multi-financial services firm).

     Obviously we hope you explore ALL of the important areas of practice we engage in and discover how some of these areas may benefit you as well.  

Basically, the "skinny" is this -- we've got stuff you need to help you save money, make money, or protect your money.  Pretty important stuff -- that is for sure!

     To get started, again, a short data worksheet and additional information awaits you on the other side of this website. (Your FREE Will, forms, etc. are available to you instantly after registration below)  We also provide a Q&A below to answer any other questions you may have before registering for your FREE WILL!!!


Q: If I am married, does my spouse get a free Last Will also?Don't be confused. Here's our Q&A

A: No, only one free Will per household applies. You can choose which spouse though. Then, optionally pay for the second Last Will if you desire to do so.

Q: Are you qualified to prepare legal documents as a non-attorney?

A: Good question.  The answer is that only Arizona Certified Document Preparer's (AZCLDP's) can do this important work legally in the state of Arizona aside from licensed lawyers.  Our long term Arizona corporation, Financial Strategies, Inc. is certified under AZCLDP Certificate #80738 issued by a board supervised by the Arizona Supreme Court.

We take the same legal continued education classes as lawyers take. Additionally, our firm specializes ONLY in estate planning documents.

BTW: Our firm has been doing professional legal document preparation since 1991! 

Q: How do you make it legal?

A:  Just print the finished PDF file we send you which has full signing instructions.  Basically, you will need a Notary and two witness's who are of legal age, competent, and that are not related to you.  Most UPS stores can accommodate you as a "walk in", but you should arrange to have your witnesses meet you there also or come with you.  (Recruiting witnesses from the store's clientele is frowned upon...)  Certain banks may also assist you in your need for a notary.

Note: We are not associated with the UPS store.  They also charge a small fee for notary services. 

Tip: If you know a Notary, that is another option to make your Last Will legal and in force.

Q: Will this FREE WILL offer expire soon?

A:  Well that depends.  If all we do is give away 100 Last Will & Testament documents to Arizona resident families valued at a total of      $ 9,000 -- that would be a nice "give back" to the community that has supported us for over 23 years.  But, if additional sales result, the offer will be extended beyond the first 100 participants.

To be sure YOU are included... don't delay! Register below today.

Q: Lastly, can I trust you with my private information?

A:  There are a lot of scams on the internet.  THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!  If you want complete assurance (remembering we are giving this away for goodness sake!!!), read personal testimonials of FSI President, M.D. Anderson at:

 What MD's Clients Think of His Estate Planning Document Services

Then come back and register for your FREE WILL.  We know someone else depends on you or you wouldn't be spending time reading this...right?

Will they will be glad you took the next step?

It is Fork in the Road Time!

Well, it's either time to say "Happy Trails"


"Time to Register"

Just Remember -- IT'S FREE!!!

We kindly suggest the latter...  

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Disclaimer: The free offer profiled on this site is for Arizona residents only and only one FREE WILL is offered per household. This offer is subject to change or end at any time, but any registered guest requesting a FREE WILL will be included in the offer as long as complete data necessary to prepare the legal instrument profiled herein is received by our firm within 10 days of registration. This information is not intended, nor should be construed as legal advice. This offer is sponsored by Financial Strategies, Inc., (FSI) an Arizona corporation since 1990.  FSI can not and will not give you legal advice. If you need legal advice, we can refer you to qualified legal advisors if you desire and request it. FSI is a long-term Financial Advisory and Arizona domiciled Corporation. Most services profiled on our company websites are available only to Arizona residents. Communication with an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) are private and confidential but are not "privileged", such as they would be with an actual Lawyer. Testimonials are actual, active clients of Financial Strategies, Inc. and can be contacted upon your written permission request if you desire before engaging any product or service of our firm. M.D. Anderson is President of Financial Strategies, Inc. and is also an AZCLDP under Certification #80737. Additionally, he practices as a professional accountant and licensed insurance broker in various states, and is a licensed Arizona Realtor with Realty One Group.


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